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Our Golf Carts

three golf carts smaller_edited.png

Mrs. Zee

Leo the Leopard

Geoffrey the Giraffe

My project-1 (26)_edited.png

Polly the Parrot

  • 6-Seater Electric Golf Carts

  • Free Delivery and Pickup

  • Lithium Batteries (35-40 Miles on a Single Charge)

  • Fully Street Legal-Equipped With Seat Belts, Turn Signals, Wipers, Etc.

  • Bluetooth Sound System

  • Phone Charger

  • Backup Camera

  • Cup Holders

  • Cooler with Extra Storage

  • Each Cart Has a Unique Animal Design

mint green golf cart even smaller_edited.png

Each of our golf carts is uniquely set apart by a different animal design. When you see one of them going down the road, you will know it is one of ours! 

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We take pride in offering you the safest, best golf carts around and stand by our high standards of quality. Each golf cart is equipped for your comfort and enjoyment with a Bluetooth sound system, backup camera, on-board smart charger, 3-point seatbelts, cup holders, cooler storage, and more!

*Bintelli was voted the #1 Best LSV/Street Legal Golf Car in the US in 2022

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golf cart rental
golf cart rental
golf cart rental
golf cart rental
golf cart rental
golf cart rental
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